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Hired Gun Side.jpeg
Hired Gun Rear.jpeg


KDK 2235
ANTHEM x Hermione (Willwerth 2018)

Notorious 2 E.jpg


KDK 2121
ANTHEM x 1609 (Mr. Brightside x Fancy)
Owned with Bowman Southdowns
graf 2.jpg
graf 1.jpg


KDK 2167
ANTHEM x "Tandy" KDK 1910 (Diamond Cutter x Fancy)
Prodigy 2144 JPEG.jpg


KDK 2144
ANTHEM x 1908 (Diamond Cutter x Artemis[9083 x Fancy]) Artemis is flush sibling to Jake
Anthem 3 yr old 3.27.21 (2).jpg
Anthem rear (2).jpg


Willwerth R-7

NSLS17179 (Riot Maker) x Willwerth 303 (Ball-buster); Bred by Tom Willwerth


When I found this creature as a lamb at Tom Willwerth's place I knew we had to try to own him. His picture does not do him justice as he was and still remains the missing piece that brought in a slightly more moderate frame with a tremendous amount of shape and touch without sacrificing the skeletal integrity we continually work to maintain. His combination of power, squareness, and look from the side make him a true stud buck and a valuable asset to the future of our flock. His offspring that have been sold and shown in his first true year covering a good portion of our flock have exceeded our expectations. Be sure to schedule a trip to Wisconsin to view his offspring.

thumbnail_18 son side.jpg
thumbnail_18  top .jpg
18 son rear.jpg

18-Son (aka 1826)

Bred by Willwerth
Willwerth 2018 x Trudeau Morgan
Jake offspring add.jpg


Bred by KDK
9083 x Fancy
Diamond Cutter 1 (2).JPG

Diamond Cutter

Bred by Willwerth

225 x 1188 Special K

Mr. Brightside

Bred by KDK

Sire: "9083"

Dam: "KDK 220"


Bred by Tom Wilwerth

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