Recent Winners

Grand Champion Southdown Ewe 2018 WI State Fair

Class winner Fall 2018 WSF

Shown by: Kailen Smerchek

Sire: Jake

Grand Champion Southdown Ewe 2018 WI Sheep and Wool Festival

Shown by: Kailen Smerchek

Sire: Jake

"Luna" 1st Place March Ewe Lamb - 2018 NAILE

Sire: Jake

Shown by: Kailen Smerchek


2nd Place fall ewe - IN State Fair 2018

shown by Hope Barker

Grand Champion Southdown ewe 2018 TN State Fair


Supreme Champion Ewe Decatur Co. Fair

shown by Hope Barker

Indiana Jr. Preview Show class winning fall ewe 

shown by Hope Barker

KDK 1715- 1st place class 2 Feb Ewe Lamb. Reserve Jr. Champion Southdown Ewe.

KDK 1626- 2nd place yearling ewe

KDK 1730- 1st Place class 1 March Ewe Lamb

KDK 1712- Popular 3rd place March Ram lamb AAJS 2017

KDK 1635- Congrats to Alexa Strehlow on winning the Wisconsin Southdown Breeders Association jackpot for fall ewe lambs

Grand Champion Southdown ewe Midewest Jr. Preview Show 2017

1st place Early Yearling Ewe

(Sire: Skinny Jake)

1st Place Late Yearling Ewe Midwest Jr. Preview Show 2017

(Sire: Skinny Jake)

1st Place fall ewe lamb Midwest Jr. Preview Show 2017

KDK 1539 "Aztec"- Grand Champion Southdown Ram, Class Winner Fall ram lamb. NAILE 2016

KDK 1516 "Artemis"- Class winner yearling ewe class 2 NAILE 2016

KDK 1607 "Paisley"- Class winner Early January Ewe Lamb NAILE 2016

KDK 1522 "Stella"- 3rd Place Class 3 yearling Ewe NAILE 2016.

KDK Willow- 4th Place Early March NAILE 2016

KDK 1509 "Glitzy"- Class 2 yearling ewe 4th place NAILE 2016

KDK 1516- Champion Southdown Ewe 2016 Wisconsin State Fair, Supreme Champion Bred and Owner Breeding Sheep and Reserve Overall Breeding Sheep

KDK 1605

Want to congratulate Troy Longenecker as well as MB Genetics on a job well done at the Maryland State Fair, Grand Champion Southdown ewe with KDK 1605.

sire: KDK "Skinny Jake." 

KDK 1621 February ewe lamb, Reserve Champion Southdown ewe at the South Dakota Summer Spotlight. 

Sire: Mr. Brightside

KDK Aztec- Reserve Champion Southdown Ram AAJS 2016/ National Jr. Southdown Show 2016

sire: Sylvester

KDK Willow - Reserve Jr. Champion Ewe, 1st place March Ewe Lamb AAJS 2016/ National Jr. Southdown Show 2016

KDK 1615- Class winner Feb. Ewe lamb AAJS 2016/ National Jr. Southdown Show 2016

KDK 1607 Paisley - Popular 2nd place Jan. Ewe lamb AAJS 2016/ National Jr. Southdown Show 2016

Congratulations to Nick Fowler on exhibiting the Supreme Champion Ram at the Richmond Breeding Sheep Show with KDK 1532 sire by Sylvester

KDK Artemis 1516- Reserve Southdown Ewe Midwest Jr. Preview Show

KDK Aztec- Reserve Southdown Ram Midwest Jr. Preview Show

KDK 1615- 1st place Feb. Ewe Lamb MWJPS 2016

KDK Glitzy- 1st place Feb Ewe lamb NAILE 2015

KDK 1516 Artemis- 2nd place Late Feb Ewe lamb NAILE 2015

KDK 1514 Supreme Champion Overall Breeding Sheep 2015 MD State Fair

KDK Tootsie-  Champion Southdown Ewe 2015 WI State Fair, Class 1 yearling ewe winner

KDK 1516- Reserve Champion Southdown Ewe 2015 WI State Fair, March ewe lamb class winner

Champion Southdown ewe drive 2015 WI state fair, KDK Southdowns 5 out of 5 sweep class winners in 

KDK Sylvester, popular march ram lamb NAILE 2014

"Tootsie" (KDK 1316) sired by 9083

-Reserve Champion Bred&Owned Southdown Ewe, Wisconsin State Fair


-Champion Southdown Ewe Wisconsin State Fair 2014

-Class Winner 2014 All-american Junior Show

-Class Winner Fall Ewe Wisconsin Spring Preview Show

"Mr. Brightside" (KDK 1315)

-Supreme Grand Champion Breeding Sheep, 2014 Wisconsin State Fair Jr. Show

-Champion Southdown Ram, 2014 Spring Preview Show

-Fall Ram Class winner, 2014 All American Junior Show



"Royal" (KDK 1317) Sired by "9083"

-Very Popular 2nd place Fall ewe lamb class All American Junior Show 2014

"KDK 1411" Sired by "Blitz"

-Spring ewe lamb class winner, 2014 Wisconsin State Fair Jr. Show

-3rd Spring ewe lamb class, All American Jr. Show

-Class winner Spring ewe lamb class, Srping Preview Show

KDK "1308"

-2nd in class All american Junior Show 2014

-top 5 wisconsin State Fair

-Multiple time Fall ewe lamb calss winner

-Reserve Sr. Champion SOuthdown Ewe 2012 All American Jr. Show

KDK 301

-Top 5 February Ewe Lamb class NAILE

-Class winner Spirng Preview Show 

-Top 5 2012 All-American Jr. Show





-Dominant Fall ewe, class winner Wisconsin State Fair 2011

-Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Sheep 2011 Wisconsin State Fair

-2nd place fall ewe 2011 NAILE

-Class winner Yearling Ewe 2012 All-American Juninor Show

-Top five yearling Ewe 2012 NAILE



KDK "1205" 

-Multiple Time Ewe Lamb Class Winner


"KDK 220"

-She is an absolute powerhouse of a ewe. This is the way we want to breed them.


-Dam of Mr. Brightside (1315)

-Wisconsin State Fair Class winnining yearling ewe 2011

-Class WInning yearling ewe NAILE 2011, Reserve Senior Champion Southdown Ewe NAILE 2011

Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe + Grand Champion Southdown

2020 WI Livestock Expo

Shown by: Kailen Smerchek

Sire: Diamond Cutter



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