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2106 Jan 1st Place 5th overall B&O (2).jpg
dolly banner in ring (2).jpg


KDK 2106 - Anthem x OB

Dolly 2106 Grand Southdown Ewe Res Supreme 2.HEIC
Dolly Champion Ewe.jpg
Hermoine 1st Yrling Champ Southdown, Supreme Overall.jpg
Hermoine - Grand Down Ewe + Res Supr Ewe Freedom fest - Sire Willwerth 2018.jpg


Bred by Willwerth

Sire Willwerth 18

WI Livestock Expo 2020 ad (3).jpg


KDK  1910

Diamond Cutter x Fancy



KDK  2024

18-son x Fancy

OB OP.jpg


KDK 1767

Jake x Oldenburg


"KDK 220"

Fancy 20-11.jpg
fancy 2011 state fair.jpg


The one and only. It is extremely difficult to put into words how valuable and influential this female has been in our program. She is the matriarch that catapulted our ewe base into the future. She is the dam of "Jake" among other stud bucks along with countless females retained in our flock. There aren't many females at KDK Southdowns that don't have at least one shot of "Fancy" in their pedigree. She was a female who was truly ahead of her time.

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